Designing on a Dime

It's true - 
If I worked every day like I do when I am getting ready for a trip
or for company coming
I could get a ton of stuff done.

So getting ready for both of those events 
really got me in gear on a project.

There was a room upstairs that was full of building supplies
so I moved them out, patched the cracked plaster,

painted the walls, oiled the wood floors,

and wished for those DIY folks to show up and help me.

Then I rounded up some old furniture and worked it over.

Old Gert's iron bed
(as in "did old Gert leave any of her homemade chokecherry wine
 in the rhut cellar?")
got a new coat of metallic gold spray paint.

The dresser I bought for $15 was too low to use as a dresser,

so I re-purposed it into night tables.

The art deco brass drawer pulls were the best thing about the dresser.

Off-white spray paint covered a lot of ugly on this chest of drawers.

After about 2 weeks, 

 it all came together 

with the help of a few rummage sale and thrift store finds
 I'd been collecting for this project.

It was truly  

Design on a Dime room

 fit for a Princess!


  1. WOW! What a terrific transformation! You should be on TV! LOVE it all!

  2. Yep! I am my own reality show! But a lot of it would be how NOT to do it! Thanks for the comment!


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