Local News

I love newspapers.
I like sitting in my easy chair and pouring over every word-
then I usually forget it all.

Wednesday's highlight here in Mayberry, North Dakota
 is the award-winning local newspaper. 
The key word is local.
L O C A L.
There's not one word about Washington.
Not even one.

I imagine that it's much the same as it was 50 years ago -
 wedding, baby shower, and anniversary invitations
School and senior dining menus
Columns written by a local state legislator,
a former newspaper editor,
and one written by the same lady for 40 years.
Everything in it is local-everything.

But the best is the goings on in this and three other 
surrounding small communities.
It goes something like this:

Llew and Gundrun Odegard went to Buelah 
last weekend to visit 
Omar and Marlene Jorgenson.

Sophie Torkildson spent a couple of days in Fargo
with Alf, Selmer, and Lila Olson.

Erling and Heide Hodenfield attended the lutefisk supper
at the Lutheren Church
with Arlie and Nelsie Gundersen.

OK.  You get the idea.
All these descendants of Norwegian Homesteaders
 give me a feeling of being in a foreign country. 
 I guess it kind of is.

But did you know that: 

Merle, Marlys, Marlene, Marsella, and Madelyn Murschel,
along with Loren, Livie, and Lyle Loken
all attended the 
Knudson - Knutson Wedding
in Hettinger. 
 The couple honeymooned in Bismarck.

Actually, reading these most informational news notes 
helps me learn 
who's who, 
who's related to who, 
and why they weren't in church on Sunday.

If my hometown Texas newspaper had similar articles, 
it might read something like this:

On Saturday, David and Mary Ann Smith 
drove 100 miles to go shop at the mall 
and ran into John Don and Carol Sue Jones 
at Sears.

 The Jones' saw Charlie and Susie Black 
in the food court
 and talked about how you have to go out of town
 to see everybody. 

The Blacks chatted with Joe and Kathy White 
at the gas station 
on the way home.

 The Whites waved at Jim Bob and Linda Brown 
as they passed the Sonic.

 Everybody else stayed home and visited in the
 Walmart parking lot. 
They just barely got there. 

Any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental. 

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Cute! And so true. I love the photo!

  2. Oh my.... you forgot the police report.... :-)


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