First Day of Spring

Today is the

Spring -
 the season between winter and summer
life and hope
digging in the dirt and planting petunias in pots
walking in the park and four wheeling in the pasture

Spring -
 tulips and irises and (ahhh) lilacs 
neon green leaves on mesquite trees
and shorts and sandals and warm sunshine
bobbin' robins, singing mockingbirds 
and scissor-tails slicing the warm air.

Spring -
 wildflowers and bluebonnets on the road side
yellow and pink cactus blooms
and daises.

Except in North Dakota

where we've had three storms this month
and there's still three feet of snow covering everything spring.

The first day of SPRING?
I guess it's spring time

I found this quote today:

"Despite the forecast,
live like it's spring."

I bought some daises for the dining table.

Even in our coldest days
there's still hope.


  1. Spring?!? Blink and you'll miss is. 85+ degrees, dry, windy, praying for rain. But, it's supposed to freeze this weekend! Texas! There's no place like home.
    Miss you-Love you!

  2. I'm reminded that about this time it's OK to buy new clothes.... Especially coats and sweaters... Love you and am blessed by your posts


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