Living in a Boomtown

It's hard to explain what's really going on in North Dakota with the Oil Boom,
But the article printed below, explains it pretty good. (And it's all true!)

The following article was copied from the Dickinson Press - Dickinson, ND.

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy,

 You might be living in a boom town if:

Unemployment is an election issue in the other 49 states, and if you can’t find a job here, you don’t want one or can’t read.

Merchant signs now broadcast they need help instead of telling you how they can help you, and preference is given to prospective employees who brought housing with them.

Fast food workers and maids earn more than teachers.

 You can rent an apartment or motel room cheaper in the Big Apple, despite having more motels than churches.

Your neighbor’s house guest hasn’t moved his RV for three years, and your other neighbor has nine pickups parked in front of his two-bedroom house.

Subdivisions spring up overnight and folks are still living in their cars.

City and county zoning meetings require a dinner and supper break.

You can’t find a dry cleaner but coin-operated laundry mats stay busy 24/7.

Guns, bottled water and energy drinks don’t fly off the shelves because they don’t hang around long enough to make it to the shelves.

You get a U.S. geography lesson counting license plates while driving through the Walmart parking lot.

There is no such thing as fast food and ordering a cheeseburger would be easier with a translator.

New fine dining features award-winning BBQ and moves around on four wheels.

Three out of four vehicles on the road are white pickup trucks.

Scoria is a color as much as a road building material.

Driving on state highways require nerves of steel.

Auto horns are no longer used for greeting each other, and usually used in unison with a raised middle finger.

Police officers serve as mixed martial arts referees at closing time in bar and bowling alley parking lots.

Newcomers and long-term residents think each other talk funny.

Finally, star gazing has been replaced by counting gas flares more numerous than lakes in Minnesota.

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