Fall Leaves

It's fall in North Dakota
and it appears that all roads lead to

Days are getting shorter
Nights are getting cooler

The first frost has come for a short visit
And winter is coming for a long one

The big question around here is
"Are you ready?"

No, I'm not ready thank you very much!
I have a long mental list of things I need to do before freezing temps,
which is maybe a month away...
Better Homes and Gardens
has published a fall checklist
for winterizing homes
including cleaning the furnace, filters, gutters, fireplace and windows;
caulking every nook, cranny, and crack;
installing storm windows;
and insulating everything
(coming short of turning the house into a pink insulated igloo).
In the words of another southerner,
"the folks around here just hunker down in the winter"
(or go to Arizona).
After one northern winter (labeled mild by the locals),
I understand a little better how I need to prepare
and my list is a little,
no, a lot different than BHG's list.
 My list is:
Clean the flower beds - check
Apply stain to the new back porch - check
Paint the new front porch - working on it
Make a place in the garage for my truck
Talk hubby into letting me keep my fantastic ferns
(I suggested a greenhouse in the basement -
 I know you can do it because I've seen it on Cops -
but the weren't growing house plants)
Buy some of that stuff that melts snow from the drive
Gather everything to stitch up several sewing projects - check
Get out the watercolors
Stock up on cooking and cleaning supplies - check
Put away short sleeves, short pants, and sandals
Unpack gloves, scarves, hats, sweaters, thermals, and coats
Vitamin D???
Daylight Light Bulbs???
Take a trip to Texas
Shop for new boots!

Having made my list,
I feel much more prepared!

I think I hear Old Man Winter whispering through the leaves,

"Ready or Not - Here I Come!"

...guess I'll just hunker down!
You have established all the boundaries of the earth;
You have made summer and winter
(Psalm 74:17)

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