Quigley Match

The really fun part of the Quigley Rifle Match - was the folks in costume. 

Everything we have involved ourselves in has it's own rules for appropriate attire.

Car shows - denim jacket with sequined 66 Chevy on the back - to match the car.
Motorcycles - leather jacket with fringe and gloves with fringe.
Cowboy stuff - suede jacket with fringe, big hat, and tall boots
Walk to Emmaus Retreat - rainbow striped jacket from Guatemala
Walking with Jesus - robe of righteousness (Isaiah 61:10)

Here's a few folks dressed up at the Quigley.

I love hats!

Wonder how this one worked in the wind

She wore it all weekend.


Love the Feather!

Great shade on a hot day.

This must be the saloon girl and the piano player.

She reminds me a little of Reba McEntire.

This is April, her dad was one of the creators of the match.

These darling girls, shot in the match!

She's wearing a shoulder pad under her prairie dress
to soften the gun's kick.

Shopping the vendor line.

This wasn't grandpa's first dress-up party.

This grandma shot too.

Wait, there's another piano player.

This red head wearing matching dress and hat
won the youth division.

My kind of boots - fringe - on another youth shooter!

This sharpshooter has a great ruffled shirt.

This amazing man has made all 20 matches in a wheelchair.
(He also made the North Dakota buffalo rifle -
I guess there's a little rivalry there.)

And this gal -
was properly dressed for who she is and what she does -
sells the handmade items of African women and sends the money back to them.
Her name is pronounced "ooh muh"
and she is from Cameroon.
Her sweet greeting when I walked up to her tent was,
"Hello, Love."
You know it - I bought....

So next year,
me and my Roy
will have raided our Texas closets
and will be there in all our wild west glory

But I think I'll skip the corset and the hoop skirt!

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