Safe in the Arms

She calls it the "activity set" and was super excited to get it out this year. 
She is allowed to rearrange them and play with them all she wants.
All her Bethlehem people come to see Jesus.
(Unlike us adults, who set them up so we can see them)

They seem to be
this tiny baby sent from heaven
to be their Messiah , Savior, King.

And the wise men travel from afar
(from under the couch and through the chair legs).

One day,
the mom was cleaning and moving everybody back
 to their proper places in the display.
But baby Jesus was not in his little bed.
The manger was empty.

She looked and looked,
but couldn't find Jesus anywhere.

So she finally gave up,
and asked the baby girl granddaughter,
"Where is baby Jesus?"


 "Joseph is holding him."

Because this precious girl knows,
that daddy's love and hold their
baby boys and baby girls.

And that they are safe in Daddy's arms.

(photo by Carol McCowen)

I pray this Christmas finds you holding Jesus
in your heart

and Him holding you.

in his arms

(clips I found on the internet)

Merry Christmas! 

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