Problems in the Rear View Mirror

Problems really do look smaller in the rear view mirror.

Today I was thumbing back through my journal and read an entry
from 2 months ago today. 
 This is what I wrote:

1 Peter 5:7
Cast all your anxiety on Him
because He cares for You

"Lord - I NEED you today.....
The new printer isn't working
My computer is having major problems
The accountant didn't finish and file our taxes
I lost the original I was to mail after I faxed it
A whole package of mail from home is lost somewhere
The checkbook won't balance
I don't have a vehicle
My man says I lost a pair of pants in the Laundromat

Lord, please redeem & heal & repair & restore all my messes.
I cast all my cares on you."

I cast away all those cares, but I still felt like crawling under a rock.

Today, I laughed when I read it because:
I returned the printer for a different model
I have a new computer all set up
I have a new accountant and the IRS says they won't come get me
USDA says they accepted the fax instead of the original
The missing mail had been sitting in the Post Office for weeks
I found my checkbook error
I managed well without wheels for 6 weeks
And I still think the man left those pants in Texas,
(but he's forgiven me anyway).

Oh, Lord,
Help me to remember this lesson the next time
I feel overwhelmed.

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